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On April 8th 2020, Dominick Cruz interviewed with The Rudis Wrestling Podcast outlining his wish to fill Jose Aldo’s spot to fight Henry Cejudo on May 9th, 2020 (watch here https://therudis.com/rudis-wrestling-podcast-142-exclusive-interview-with-dominick-cruz/). With Jose still in Brazil and unable to come into the United States due to the Coronavirus it looks very much like he will be the next to square off against Cejudo at UFC 250.

Both competitors come from the sport of wrestling and the state of Arizona. Dominick (Tucson) and Henry (Maryvale) use wrestling as huge components of their fight game. As wrestler’s they understand how, during an international pandemic, important it is to use their grit and drive from the sport of wrestling to stay in shape and prepared for battle. However, both come from a severe shoulder injury and surgery that set both back from the Octagon for a long time. It is the fight that fight fans want!

“Fighting is just wrestling with punches,” Dominick says as he prepares to conduct his private wrestling session in Chula Vista, California. Sporting his Rudis sweatshirt and a fresh black eye he tells wrestling fans from the Rudis community how he integrates lessons learned from the sport to competing in the prize ring.

The training is grueling, and it comes down using his time inside the octagon to finish fights and maximize his strength and endurance to see him to victory and once again crowned the Bantamweight King. After spending over a decade undefeated Dominick is prime to reclaim his title and defend it against the entire division.

As the world searches for a new normal, warriors will still prepare, still train, and embrace the fights to come. As a wrestler, especially those who’s NCAA tournament and State wrestling championships were taken from them be the first in the fray. Be the leaders to get the team to climb the mountains, run the long winding roads, and scrap in the living rooms, garages, basements, and wrestling dungeons across the US.


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