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 When the chips were down and the realization of the mounting injuries set in, I had a choice. I could wallow in self pity or I can use my knowledge base and fight IQ to do something for fight fans. Honestly, commentating was filling a void that I had in my life that wasn’t being satisfied by myself in the training room. However, I knew I needed something more something that would allow me to step in the octagon and so something that cornering, and coaching couldn’t offer me, a chance to feel the fight through the eyes of the best guys in the UFC.

 Thus, the show was born on the idea that I bring in top level talent and deliver a show that walks through fights, breaking them down movement by movement showcasing the tools often delivered by the fighters entering the cage in the next big event. For one year I channeled this into my being and soul for fight fans from around the world to watched Unlocking Victory unfold in the cage before fights ever happen.

 Part of the process of the show is having the right partner in Gilbert Melendez, Brenden Loughnane, and Orlando Jimenez to help replicate the fighter they are demonstrating on the canvas. These professionals bring the sport to a new level of understanding that seemed a secret before. Just like the Chinese condemned Bruce Lee for his Tao of Jeet Kune Do, the fighters thought their craft was being exposed. However, it is no secret for those who train in mixed martial arts to prepare for battle that goes anywhere that end up in a stand up or ends up on the canvas.

 Moving forward after the hick up of COVID-19 messing up the schedule and my less then best performance against the cringiest fighter in history, the division needs cleaned out and more fights need broken down. Dana has said that we are back on schedule after this weekend. He is a man of his word as I am a man of mine, you will see more unlocking victories and me in the comment booth. We don’t get an opportunity to reset 2020, but we can make sure that we kick the hell out of the rest of 2020.

 It’s not just my victory to overcome the demons of complacency or the strife of injury, but it’s the fan’s victory to get the science of the fight game broken down as it can play out in the octagon. Fights are unpredictable so it’s always great to ensure that everyone knows that any fighter on any day can win. We cannot let our demons win the exchange, we cannot allow complacency to fill the void of fire burning in each of us for life.


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