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UFC’s Blank Panther

Angela “Overkill” Hill, 35, started off adulthood in a vastly different direction than MMA, but on a subconscious level she was always adjusting her sails towards martial arts and a life full of adventure. In college she studied in Japan meeting her now husband Adam Blair Pryde, ultimately, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cooper Union School of Art. At this point in her career anyone who sees Angela fight, sees that she is a character and very animated, and now a cultural icon.

As a cosplayer herself, the loss of Chadwick Bosman the MCU’s black panther has revitalized her desire to get into character and acknowledge the work Chadwick has done for men and women of color. This card marks the 1st time in UFC history that a black woman has headlined. The stars have aligned during the cultural spring that we live in where black men and women are literally fighting in the streets to matter. Angela will fight in the cage and matter to the world.

As a former Invicta champion Angela is hunting for UFC gold and after a rocky start in the organization, she has renewed vigor after a series of wins and a very questionable decision loss against Claudia Gadelha. Under the tutelage of the Alliance coaching staff under Head Coach Eric Del Fierro, Angela joins a sizable roster of championship caliber training out of southern California. She is the most active female fighter in the UFC fighting roughly every few months. This activity has been rewarded by gaining stiffer competition in the ranking system and now headlining UFC Fight Night against Michelle Waterson, 34.
As a Dominick Cruz understudy she originally came to San Diego to train alongside the bantamweight king. Now, she forges her own path and leaving bodies in her wake due to brutal knockouts. Her stand up mixture of footwork and Muay Tai make her one of the most feared women at straw weight. On September 12th look for a stand-up display to marvel the fans and press the stamp of permanence in the history books. As the story of our lives play out in resounding chorus of Black Lives Matter. We will see Angela’s story play out for fans that can finally see themselves represented in the UFC main event. If there was ever a serendipitous note in history, Angela will continue to break records and be the ultimate trend setter.
Be sure to tune in this Saturday! Give Angela the respect she is due and follow her closely as she is also highly active outside the gym. She is a podcaster, cosplayer, animator, video game scholar, and overall badass. She is an awesome role model for young women who are creative souls looking to chase dreams no matter where they land. Be unique, be okay chasing your dreams, marrying who the fuck you want to marry, and doing shit people think you cannot possibly enjoy much less love. If anyone steps in your way from who, what, and how you go about being an awesome you, hit that bitch with and elbow, because it is #bitchhuntingseason.

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    A real life superhero!

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