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Tucson Raised, San Diego Made

There is something to be said about the scorching Sonora and the athletes emerging from desert heat of Arizona. The transition from the mat to the cage seems to be seamless from the Grand Canyon State. Something is forged in the sage and sand there and the result is an iron constitution reinforced in the fires of black tar streets that Dominick ran as a high school athlete for Flowing Wells. This Caballero has gone on to round up victories in wrestling and mixed martial arts.

“I was raised in Tucson, but made in San Diego,” He tells ESPN and Daniel Cormier during an interview in 2018. The video titled “In the Clinch: Dominick Cruz” (Watch Here) details a life from humble, but raw origins for the Bantamweight King. Now, in 2020 his footwork tutorials are circulating around the world finding athletes from all over including inside the UFC. He has also integrated an MMA Fundamentals course for those still at home due to Covid-19.

“We have to remember, that during these times, not every gym can open and not every coach is available to move you forward into next year,” he said in regard to his newly released Feint like Cruz series . So, as an answer to fans he is working hard to not only bring them lessons in personal training for MMA but delivering the best commentary in fighting today. Working hard from comes from the life he made for himself on the mat in Tucson, a place that enjoys 350 days of sun along with temperatures over 100 degrees as well as 30 different types of scorpions that make this environment one of the most hostile in the United States.

San Diego, his home for the past decade has seen the rise of champions including Dominick Cruz, under the tutelage of Head Coach Eric Del Fierro. As an athlete and sometime coach, himself Dominick Cruz has been cage side for title shots for his fight team or as Bantamweight Professional Fight League competitor Brennan Loughnane likes to joke “Dominick and friends.”

His role as a training partner, coach, and teammate push him to new heights and seek opportunities to advance his knowledge as a mixed martial artist. His show on ESPN called Unlocking Victory is a testament to his knowledge, analytical skills, and overall fight IQ. While shooting the show, commentating, and training full-time as a martial artists weren’t enough he is looking to be part of the Deep End Fitness/Underwater Torpedo League legacy as a coach and trainer as well as putting out training for fight fans all over the world.

The mettle forged in the heat and the powerful curriculum of coaches add to the saying Tucson Raised, San Diego Made – but more importantly we understand that as a scholar of the sport and life Dominick has been a journeyman of the world and is never going to let the words setback, ring rust, or injury serve as an excuse not to put in the work that drives him to succeed in more than one aspect of his life. There is a power in knowing that one sport or talent doesn’t define you, but your ability to create community and strive to remain a student of life can whether you through any desert to find paradise, or give you the tools to create it.

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    Built Tough! Appreciate the movtiation and inspiration.

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