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The reason Dominick does not endorse the idea of ring rust or the idea that just because you aren’t active in the octagon, doesn’t mean you can’t be active in recovery. The body needs time to heal, adequate sleep, and proper nutrition. Nutragen is a vital component of the recovery process. With a wide range of products, you can heal like Cruz and be ready to continue towards the goals you set. For Dominick that is to be crowned The Bantamweight World Champion, again.

            During a time when health and wellness are at the forefront of our minds, competitors must find the right balance for their nutritional needs. The fuel that spurned championship runs for Dominick Cruz has been Nutragen.

            “Pairing up Nutragen with my new footwork series (Here) will give you the energy you need in the Championship rounds,” Cruz said scooping his favorite plant-based protein into his shaker poolside. Directly from the website Nutragen declares that “we purposefully source Nature’s Purest organic, non‐GMO ingredients from around the world that have been scientifically proven, along with a healthy diet and exercise to support the body in combating the diseases of aging, while also providing a healthy response to inflammation and blood sugar control.”

            At his home in California, Dominick keeps his Superfood shake bundle handy as a complete meal replacement during his fight camp ahead of UFC 250. These supplements along with adequate rest, hydration, and exercise will help see him towards his goal.

“It’s important to never forget that our bodies require a lot of rest and recovery. Part of the solution for me during these years injured and out of the octagon was Nutragen. As many of us stay inside to help fight sickness, we can win the fight by building up our immune systems and have a proper diet with efficient fuel,” Dominick said.

Please take the time to review their products here https://nutragen.com/ and use code CRUZ15 for your next purchase!

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