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During this time, when tensions and the will to fight are brought to the streets against government entities that have gotten out of hand is heading towards a boiling point. However, there are a huge swath of people trying move ahead and reimagine how they see the world. The best protest that you can do, is achieve. When the world is lighting itself on fire, you can choose to do better. You can train, you can strive to come out on top.

Train like your new life depends on it! It does, your new life, the goals you have for yourself and those who you bring with you matter. Swim like you have piranhas nipping at your heals, or you are wrestling squid in the depths and the air is being squeezed from your lungs, but you want to live! Dare to live and protest with the improvement to your game, business, and mindset. If achievement is being sober, be sober.

Personal growth is always the biggest middle finger to your nay Sayers. People that counted you out in 2019 and 2020 can stand in awe of you in 2021. There is no reason that your protest can’t be upward mobility. There is no reason why you cannot start your business, get your degree or certification, and tell people that you are changing your circumstances. That knockout punch is right around the corner for you.

The sun rises and sets on you and it is up to you to you to not fall into the game of cages. Uncage your mind to the possibility that George Floyd’s legacy is you becoming the police officer he needed, the lawyer that puts the chokehold on bad laws and suffocates the possibility of this happening again in your city, your town, and your state. His legacy is you having the opportunity to affect real change with your success and heart to fight when the chips are down.

If your protest puts you in a cage, they win, if you put them in your arena, your platform, your medium of delivery you win. You have a voice and you can commit to action by filing the lawsuits, penning the articles, creating the music video, singing your song of awareness and injustice. Your film, your gold medal, your world record signifies to the world that circumstances don’t make you, don’t define you.
So what if you have been wronged? Learn from it, don’t let it happen again. So what if you were beat last year?

Be the savage you need to be to beat the unbeatable. So what if you didn’t do x, y, or z? What are you doing to rectify it? Sitting sometimes and staring in the mirror gives you the answers you need. Other times it may be that walk you said you were going to do yesterday, or the gym time you said three years ago that you were going to commit too or the book you said you were going to write and publish this year. What they hell do you want? Answer that question and George has a legacy. You have a legacy. Your circle has a legacy.

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    100% in agreement!!! I saw this quote from an alt right documentary on Netflix (I hope I got it right!) “what we learn from History is that we don’t learn from History!” DEEP shit!!!

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