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From across social media fans are expected to turn out in large numbers on paper view to watch a historical card May 9th, 2020. The UFC has done their due diligence to keep fans excited and entertained during this pandemic. From showing older fights for free online and on networks to keeping the pressure on vendors and fighters alike to be ready to make fights happen.

            Fighters have been in and out of fights due to international restrictions on travel. Contenders ever training to be ready to fight are stepping up to championship fights on short notice and putting everything they have on the line to be the new UFC champion. Dominick is making his historic return against the current champion who has on multiple occasions offered to fight. Now the universe has worked in Dominick’s favor to grant him the wish to give the fans a truly memorable performance against Henry Cejudo.

            The hard work of training is done, now it is coming down to weight and staying healthy as step into the octagon. It is a credit to Dana White and his staff and the fighters to make this happen, especially when world economies plummet into peril and people are finding themselves at odds against their governments.

            The road to victory started a long time ago for the fighters and for the UFC. In the face of opposition as a sport in states and countries to now facing an international lockdown over COVID-19.

            “It is truly awesome how the universe has pulled things into motion to make the best of this horrible situation. Fight fans, all of our fans, are doing everything they can to see us scrap,” Dominick Cruz said.

            This has been true as family and friends are following the UFC countdown which already has thousands of views as it has been available for only four hours as this is being typed. For those who are violating the stay at home orders and those following the CDC’s recommendations to the letter you will want to find a way to watch this event. Together, like the fighters and the UFC staff with Dana White spearheading the desire to make this event happen take precautions, but absolutely go for it!


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