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"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -- Albert Einstein

The more we grow as human beings, the more we realize that the gold at the end of the rainbow has always been creativity. We see beauty in poetry, art, and feats of kinetic energy from other souls like ours. As children we live in a state of unrest, the molecules are constantly being shifted to adjust to our world but explore it with endless enthusiasm. We find that there are things we like doing physically and others we pursue with care, dedication, and patients. Creativity can heal. In a world of mixed emotions and turmoil the power to create can remove us from conflict that inundates our lives.

According to Joanne McNeal in her article The Healing Power of Creativity, 2017, asserts that “We don’t have to create “art.” Creativity can be seen in many things we do: gardening, renovating, making dinner, or having friends over. It’s the incredible power of focusing all our creative energy on someone or something besides ourselves which brings peace, satisfaction, and a connection to others,” (BMCNEWS.ORG, 1). She goes on to says, “We use creativity in other parts of our lives too, in taking care of our physical, mental, or emotional needs,” (1).

Creativity in mixed martial arts is only one facet that creativity exhibited by Dominick Cruz. His creativity is expanded to his locutionary and analytical skills as a commentator and analyst. His footwork, training regimen, and his capacity to think of others is an extension of his creative mindset. There are very few people in the world that can move the way he does and continue to perform at the highest level of combat. This week, adding to his creative genius he completed the requirements to become a certified Deep End Fitness instructor under the tutelage of Prime Hall former United States Marine Special Warfare operator.

This milestone displays that the barriers of achievement are limited to one’s capacity for pursuit. Hours upon hours spent in the pool training with some of the best in Americas Special Forces former Navy Seals, Marine Raiders/Recon, Navy Divers, EOD, and SWCC. As he begins to deliver his program to the world through his footwork and introduction to mixed martial arts videos, he will be chasing the ranks again in the UFC to return to the top of the mountain. The trail of bodies he will leave behind will be Art incarnate.

Think about your creativity, your creative genius, and ask yourself what do you want? Where can you use your creativity to heal the wounds of humanity? What can you create to heal the self-inflicted wounds of negativity and self-depreciation? Before you go to sleep, write down your goals, write down your fun pursuits and become child-like in the infinite exploration of your being through creativity. Return to the you that you liked most, whether that person was the athlete you were in high school or college, or the awesome video gamer you always knew you were, or the dedicated filmmaker you always knew you could be. Creativity does not have an age limit.


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    Nice. And very interesting about the Special Warfare work. One suggestion though, which has been making reappearances in each post: typos. Several of them. Have someone proofread your work. The pieces are too good to be marred by typing gaffs.

    But thanks again for the thoughts.

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