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It’s been a work in progress, but it is finally here! Today I am dropping my MMA Fundamentals course online! If you have been loving my footwork video series, if you enjoy watching the footwork in the cage, then you must check out this series that is sure to elevate your game. My curriculum is considerably basic but can elevate your game whether you are a veteran with 25 fights as a pro or a up and comer with 1 fight.

This curriculum has been crafted and established over the past three years. This is the perfect gift for the fighter in your family. If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to train as a professional fighter, then you have to understand that learning and improving upon the basics is only going to make your craft crisper, your game more technical, and your mindset shift into win mode.

Regardless of where you live, have me at home taking you through my quadrants. Grab your best friend, little brother, or sister, or even mom and dad to train like I do.

As you train and go through the fundamentals you will begin to start seeing progress. Share with me on social media your videos, pictures, letters, your progress! I would love to know that you are out there training and staying healthy. If you are going to be staring at a screen, anyway, please watch these videos and work the curriculum to perfection.

This is as self-paced as you would like to make it. There is no race to be won other than the race you want to win. If you can’t do the movements right every time, stop. No half-assed, no sort of get it, do it, and do it correctly.

I cannot stress this enough, there is a purpose to these videos and even the pros can use it. Foundations, or a base can build champions and does. You see it all the time, when someone comes in with a very weak stand up game, but their grappling is phenomenal you know that person is going to want to go to the ground and exploit their weakness and vice versa. If you have never been in a fight in your life and you find yourself in one for your life, these videos can possibly one day save your life.

People all over the world right now are finding out that their futures are more uncertain than ever before and the danger of engaging in some sort of fight may be inevitable, so why not have a foundation?

More videos to come! There is more to fighting than the foundation, but without a solid foundation your house will crumble, I promise.

MMA Fundamentals Link: https://bit.ly/cruzfundamentals


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    there is no buy button? how expensive is it.

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    What I can I do if if my currency isn’t mentioned

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