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Every day of the year we face hardship, calamity, chaos, and emotional turmoil over the mistakes of others. We rage and rally against our own self interest as well when we engage in negative self-talk with ourselves. We are our hardest critic, but family often follows right after you do. They will tell you “don’t go and to the distant college, or go after that insane dream to be a prize fighter,” and “are you sure you want to drop out of school and start a business?”

Don’t take it Personally.

Some people, if their convictions and dreams aren’t powerful enough to make you feel uneasy at not achieving them will be dissuaded. There are a lot of guru’s out there that will tell you that this is the trick or doing x, y, and z will guarantee you millions as they walk away with your hard earned money and time. Don’t fall for that shit. Go hard after what you believe in and do something different than what everyone else is doing.

Be Impeccable to your Word.

You know what it truly comes down to, the whole damn secret that has sold millions of copies? Getting the fuck after it. Get up off your ass and put in the work. When shit knocks you down a peg and you must adjust your goals, so what? Put yourself around like-minded killers, not yes men. People that have the balls to tell you to your face that you aren’t holding up to your agreement or your word.

Don’t Make Assumptions.

Choose your mentor and your team wisely. Don’t assume you have everything figured out. Don’t assume you understand how everything works in the pursuit of your dream. Find a dream shaper that can answer questions, be honest with you (brutally so), and clearly communicate what it is you genuinely want. Coach Eric Del Fuero challenges my commitments, he calls me out on my negativity, and puts together a curriculum that forges champions. It’s been proven at Alliance MMA that Coach E and his staff build fighters that compete at the highest levels and win titles.

Always do your best!

Just like in practice, you know if you put in everything you have to the training. If you are dogging the runs or taking it easy then you are only doing a disservice to yourself and your training partners. If you put it all out there on the line and still don’t get the results you want, then you did everything you could, and you can be proud of that. You can be proud of giving your dreams the best shot you can possibly make.


  • Posted on by David

    @Oscar great insight. Thanks champ!

  • Posted on by Oscar Gonzalez

    its crazy how us humans can think we have it going, at times we think were positive thinkers.. when a lot of times personally i catch myself in a negative loop, at times it takes me a few minutes to realize like “damn , get it together man.” And that goes back to what you said Champ, its good to have a good shape of people around you that can check your bullshit and help you be better… were not perfect, but we can shape up the rough edges as much as possible; improvise, and keep pushin’ foward in whatever profession, dream or passion your chasing!

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