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The Power of Will

There are circumstances that challenge the will and create the largest fear we have in our own abilities, doubt. During insurmountable odds we are in pursuit of the challenge that is our own limitations. We persevere against pain, the naysayers, and the obstacles to reach our goals. I am ready to get back into the octagon and wreak havoc against the best in the world.

Train with me in my introduction to MMA videos being released soon. I will take you on a journey with me as I get ready to battle in the Octagon. You can do it, you can train like I do and prepare for battle. Be the ultimate fighter and train yourself for everything. The Alliance is further reaching than San Diego, California it is forged by a brotherhood built in combat.

As you go through my curriculum tell your friends and family, the training can encompass everyone you want to join you in training. The footwork, the movement, and MMA series will help you stay in fighting trim and instill discipline. Show me your progress on social media.

We can follow the progress together, rock the Dominick Cruz gear while training and I will repost as many as possible. If you like what the footwork drills have done for you already you will really like what’s next. Throughout the next few weeks I am releasing an MMA series that can take your skills to the next level.

It’s great for cardio, self-defense, and discipline. Remember to get all of my videos and subscribe to be ready for more. You can do it, you have the will to be on top of your game. Invest into your future and share your progress online and with me!


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