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Innovative Training for the Modern Combat Athlete.

      As the Combat Sports evolve, the athletes by virtue of having a competitive nature evolve and integrate more tools in their respective arsenals. For Dominick Cruz that invariably means jumping into the deep end, literally. Former special operations Marine Prime Hall has developed a unique set of trainings in water called Deep End Fitness. Hall and fellow former Marine Rick Briere set out to use the special water training of the warfighter to train athletes from all walks of life. As a natural component to the ever-evolving cage fighter, several mixed martial arts athletes dove right into the specialized water workouts. 

     Dominick enjoys these trainings and incorporates them into his weekly routine, working on breathing techniques to maximize his output in the cage. “MMA is a sink or swim sport, I chose to swim,” Cruz said when referring to the training. In the training there are lessons in focus, endurance, and precision throughout the few hour sessions. 

     As a competitive supplement to training, the course encourages play in the Underwater Torpedo League where athletes from all backgrounds can build proficiency and comfortability in the uncomfortable setting. 

     “Our bodies want air, you will panic, because you will want to satisfy the need to breathe, but if you focus and reign in the little voice shouting for air, you can achieve things you never believe you could,” Prime explains at the beginning of each class. 

     Teammates like Jeremy Stephens train with Prime and Rick in preparation for his fights. Dominick continuously challenges himself to be under the water longer and do more while the trainers provide more resistance, more reps, and more obstacles to overcome. 

     “In a five-round fight, when your lungs are begging for more, I will have it, I will be able to do more,” Cruz said speaking to Prime about his upcoming UFC 250 fight with Henry Cejudo. “There is no way he will out work me, he will drown.”


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