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“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes”

Gautama B

When watching a fighter train and integrate different disciplines into their style you must marvel at the complexity of their craft. Inside the modern Mixed Martial Artist lies the secrets of the wrestler, the boxer, the kick boxer, and jujitsu grappler. Each discipline takes years to master and test the level of competency against other practitioners. Inside the octagon Dominick Cruz implements the kinetic movements of each discipline into a complete ensemble display for the fight fans. His footwork and wrestling prowess make him a phantom to his competitors, a phantom that can end fights quickly. Teams across the country spend countless hours trying to emulate his style to prepare for the fight of their lives. He is the King of the bantamweight division who went a decade without a loss. In a sport where new champions are crowned each year, he held the division captive in the rapture of his art. 

With every artist short moments of greatness and creating masterpieces take time and a body of work can take a lifetime. Even the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci are only attributed to 15 total works of art. Dominick has 22 masterpieces immortalized in print and video alike with the promise of many more to come. His next challenge at UFC 250 will be a crowning achievement for an artist with the most creative footwork to ever grace the canvas. 

As a painter uses the brush and canvas to bring life to the blank page, the fists and fury of Dominick Cruz give life to moving artistry of the ultimate fighter. The blood, sweat, and tears of training the body is the cost of his art. Hours spent alone fighting shadows and parrying the darkness refine the reflexes and sharpen the intuition.


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    Dominick is an Artist ON THE CANVAS INDEED!!! Beautifully written from a Warrior’s heart & vision! Thx for sharing your unique perspective of Dominick Cruz!

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    Great blog. An artist in true form of the word. A living example.

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