• Best Friends!


    Best Friends!

    Spoiled, well-fed, playful, and cozy, Dojo views Dominick as his best friend. Since 2013, Dominick has carried, packed, played-with, stowed, taught, and snuggled with favorite travel buddy all over the United States. If you are in San Diego, you may see two tongues wagging in the breeze as they cruise down to Alliance MMA gym where both train to become the best version of themselves for each other and fans alike. As much as Dominick is stopped for photos by...

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  • Train Like Lil' Heathen - Jeremy Stephens!


    Train Like Lil' Heathen - Jeremy Stephens!

    Training in isolation can often be rewarding and refreshing for world class athletes, as well as every day people looking to zero in on their skill. Just ask UFC's top featherweight, Jeremy Stephens as he quietly prepares for his upcoming UFC bout in a 'Muhammad Ali style' Training Camp - along side his longtime training partner, Dominick Cruz.  Training on a rooftop deck with fresh air and the San Diego sun beaming downward, along with long trail runs where one...

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