• UFC's Black Panther - Angela Hill

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    UFC's Black Panther - Angela Hill

    UFC’s Blank Panther Angela “Overkill” Hill, 35, started off adulthood in a vastly different direction than MMA, but on a subconscious level she was always adjusting her sails towards martial arts and a life full of adventure. In college she studied in Japan meeting her now husband Adam Blair Pryde, ultimately, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cooper Union School of Art. At this point in her career anyone who sees Angela fight, sees that she is...

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  • Getting Uncomfortable


    Getting Uncomfortable

    New Podcast 🎧🎤 Getting Uncomfortable (Center) by Eric Uresk is a podcast that gets into the heart of interpersonal relationships. This is about real conversations, tapping to deeper understanding of self and sharing the human experience with each other. Some people have an idea that there are personas built and walls established to prevent the establishment of real human interaction and understanding. So, far there have been four episodes with Orlando Jimenez a professional mixed martial artist and Chief Operations...

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  • Feint Like Cruz


    Feint Like Cruz

      "Feints, Combinations and Counter-Attacks!" As part of my ongoing MMA series, the next portion will be released tomorrow, 8/24/20 at 12pm PST. We are drilling feints and applying the footwork series into the movement. As I explained before we are building and adding more to your training. Please enjoy the series and bring everyone in on this training with you. If you have mats in the garage or a private gym this is a great way to stay sharp...

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