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Hardships, affliction, and adversity should be faced head on, and with a smile. One should never turn, run, or flee from difficulty as if though it were a plague. This often can lead to undue stress, preventing the rich roots of character, and eventually causing us to fall victim to the fears we could not outrun.

To overcome adversity you must go through it if you are going to rise up and champion to a new level of influence. Show courage in the face of misfortune, and surround yourself with positive people and find your inner peace. 

Adversity plays an essential role in the growth process, allowing us to vanquish dread and terror, and finding our very own greatness. Do not fear or be dismayed, but rather smile and be great! 


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    Positive and Passionate! Great read.

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    Keep up the good fight!

    Philippines 4:13

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    Amen Champ!

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