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Champ versus Champ. Dreams very rarely come true so soon for individuals chasing that dream, but when the opportunity is laid bare before you, you take it. Due to COVID-19 Dana White has had to go to extreme measures to bring fights to the world. So far that he is building up his “Fight Island” which if you grew up with Mortal Kombat as a kid, you should get really excited at this prospect. This will make it exclusive for the fighters and continue the sport during the worldwide pandemic. 
From the beginning of the health concerns the UFC has been doing everything they can to keep contests going by taking all precautions to ensure the fighters can compete in a safe environment. COVID-19 has postponed UFC 249, but the topic in everyone’s mind is that Henry Cejudo, the current UFC bantamweight champion, has called out former champion Dominick Cruz for UFC 250. Chael Sonnen on his podcast/YouTube channel declared that is an exciting fight and that he acknowledges that Henry has been calling out Dominick for months. 
As wrestlers from the state of Arizona, both competed together throughout their wrestling careers and have ultimately been destined to cross paths in the UFC. Dominick the fighting veteran has been training, healing, and preparing for his return to the Octagon. Despite the gym being closed, he trains with UFC veteran Jeremy Stephens who is still in preparation for his fight in the postponed UFC 249 against Calvin Kattar.  
May is around the corner and fight fans are getting restless. With Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov postponed again, fans are excited at the prospect that two legends of the sport can have a safe contest set for May 9th for fight fans. On social media both have exchanged their interest in fighting each other for the fight fans, and surely this fight will not disappoint. Verbally both have unequivocally been landing blows against each other keeping fans excited about their eventual fight. 
The original plan was scrapped by the outbreak of the coronavirus, but it did set up fight fans for the bout that has been in discussion since Henry won the belt back at UFC 238. It would seem that fate is set against the world on seeing Tony versus Khabib, but another long-awaited match up does look like it will happen. 
The questions is, which soul will Dana White take after the fight on his island?


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  • Posted on by Blair

    Everyone knows who the real champ is!! It’s already happened, and we are just catching up to it. #DomCruz.

  • Posted on by Dae

    Can’t wait to see you take that crown again man!

  • Posted on by Aggie conneely

    Can’t wait to see my Dominic cruz fight again love him an amazing fighter and mentor to brendan loughnane

  • Posted on by David

    YES! Patiently awaiting the return of the best bantamweight to ever do it!!!

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