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I feel like sometimes that I was not meant for this society. Mike Tyson

Legends simply don’t die; their fire is ultimately snuffed out by time. Mike Tyson, 54, is prepping to have an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr. on September 12th, 2020 that will be eight rounds that will take place at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. This bout coupled with the videos circulating online of an aged Mike Tyson hitting pads with the vigor he once displayed as the Heavyweight Champion of The World in Boxing has created buzz, but more importantly showcases that despite age, fighters have an internal fire that is not easily quelled or put on the shelf. Rather, it sits there waiting like a lion ready to decide it’s hungry again.

As a competitor, after getting back in the octagon this year, that fire was relit. Training has intensified, the recovery has been consistent for one mission – seizing my title back from unworthy hands. For a long time, people counted Mike Tyson out, someone who wasn’t dangerous or someone that had only his prime to speak volumes into history. No, that fire only needed to be relit and the training refueled by the mission of regaining something back or answering the question of can it be done? Why not? Who the hell says I can’t?

People need to stop telling fighters when they are done. The apex of a fighter isn’t his run in the UFC, isn’t his reign as champion of boxing, or kickboxing or jujitsu, it’s his determination to keep striving for the next big goal. The great thing about the fighting community is that we have awesome examples of older fighters still putting on great performances, adding to their legacies, and building legions of champions to come. What shouldn’t be tolerated, by anyone is having another person tell them no they cannot do something, they are too old, too slow, to fat, to skinny, because that person is all talk until either you or life punches them in the mouth.

Look at the naysayer, were they ever champion? Probably not, where they okay with allowing someone else to tell them to hang it up? Yes, they absolutely were and now voice onto others about how it’s unheard of to achieve whatever it is you do at that age or it’s unlikely to do what you desire to do at an advanced age. Tell them to piss off, step aside, or brace themselves for the separation between theory and action. Work in the darkness and come out the beast you were meant to be. Ply your craft in the candlelight when the neverachievers are sound asleep. Pick up the flame of your fire and reignite it and burn the house down and build a new temple to the War Gods.


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    Great Champion! Amazing learning

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    Amazing content! I’m fueled up and ready to train. Thank you CHAMP

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