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This year will forever interrupt and call into question how things might have gone down in the championships of many sports. None more contested than high school, collegiate, and international wrestling. It is easy to assume who would have won based on records and winning streaks. However, you could also imagine the dark horses that come from behind or from the pigtails and stake their claims as All-Americans or top badass in their weight class.

So, it is a matter of the heart to know and acknowledge that we won’t get this season back or year, but that is okay. We can train, we can prepare for war in the upcoming season. Take into consideration that if you were lacking last season you have had an opportunity to train and be the savage you want to be in this upcoming season. The world hit the reset button, but you didn’t have to in your strength training or getting a good burn on those lungs with long runs and swims.

It’s time to give coach another reason to put your name on his list as number one. Build your team into champions, train together, reach out to those who are junior to you and show them the ways of a champion. If you are a senior in high school take the time to go visit your underclassmen, let them know that you have expectations for them and demand they show up in the room and at freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments.

Be the leaders and young men and women this sport expects to build. Don’t forget to lace up your shoes every chance you get. Get adequate rest and eat healthy. Don’t cut a lot of weight and wrestle where you feel strongest at. Keep your mindset on the positive and avoid the negative news, the hateful people looking to find any excuse to call the authorities, and the excuses made by weaker people as to why they can’t be in shape or why they can’t get school work done in a timely manner.

Take the time to read, embrace the time to fine tune your understanding of the sport. Watch film of your matches, other matches, think like a spartan and always be ready for war. Open yourself up to different modes of training: Swimming, trail running, rock climbing, and HIIT training. Be compassionate about your craft and the adult you are training to be. Have empathy for those who have faced trails during this period but keep the savage mentality and take them with you through the fires of the times.

Listen to the podcasts, research the warriors of old, and become better.


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    You should fight Marlon

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