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“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

To walk the path of champions you must go where no one else has gone, tread the streets others aren’t willing to go. For Dominick Cruz, the fight game isn’t an easy road. It’s full of bumps and bruises, losses and victories, but importantly it is expanding his fight knowledge and mastery of the martial arts.

As part of the UFC’s commentating team he has flown around the world and slept in many ports to witness the best displays of combat in the cage. As a competitor he has fought on the world stage and conquered. Now as the world grinds to a halt he stands as Atlas carrying the fury of every fighter locked around the globe unable to compete in the sport they love, he loves.

It is with this rage that he travels to stare down a foe claiming to be the world’s best combat athlete, well, he’ll put those words to the test. Until he unseats the true king, he knows his words are empty and carry no currency.

All eyes stare to the east coast, the battle in the swamp. A place where myth and legends are borne, Florida. This card houses the worlds most dangerous men eager to wage war for the fight fans. Prepare for a true feast of the eyes as the carnage of the night nears closer. The planes have all landed, the hard work is done. Now, now it is time for the painful grin of nearing battle to etch across the faces of hard men.

Even though you cannot be there, technology will bring us close to the action. So, gather your party and be ready to see your champions put their legacies on the line. Dominick travels simply with head coach Eric Del Fierro, and training partner and teammate Jeremy Stephens.

Tune in May 9th.


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    Good luck champ!!!💪🙏👊. Gonna be watching ya this Saturday. WEC for life!!!!

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    This fight is going to be one of the most memorable encounters in MMA history. I’m really eager to witness the mental and physical preparation of the athletes . The discipline is proudly praiseworthy.

  • Posted on by Gabriel

    let’s go!!!!

  • Posted on by Gabriel


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