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In this fight game, retreat isn’t a word that enters my vocabulary or my mind when I prepare and step into the Octagon. When one withdrawals and flees, there can be no victory there. It is a form of disarray, and an avoidance of fighting altogether. During my career as a professional mixed martial artist, I’ve live by this code – never to give way, despite the challenges that I face, or have faced in the cage.

Despite plaguing injuries, countless setbacks and facing the odds, I have never relented or gave way to my circumstances but rather faced them head on and pressed onward – as champions do. In the same respect, I have never turned down a fight, backed down from a match up, and never retreated to the use of excuses that limit any possibility of triumph, conquest or success.

We only have this one life, and this one stage to stand tall and claim victory over an opponent, over struggle, contest and difficult problems. Conquest is void of retreat, and this key principle is what is necessary to overcome and gain control, and ultimately WIN!

Keep going strong to the end of the race or contest, and pursue difficult tasks until its conclusion.


  • Posted on by Vaellan

    Dude, I have been following your blog since you posted it and I’ve been inspired by your dedication and motivation to strive being the best you could be. I wish you all the best for ufc 250. The majority of ufc fans will be rooting for you. Let’s go Dominick!! Much love all the way from Singapore.

  • Posted on by Felipe

    I have been reading your blogs since you started posting! Thank you for constantly sharing yourself, your aspirations and vision with us all. Can’t wait for the next blog post!!!

  • Posted on by Brandon

    Man You make me wana get up and chase being a great like You arre #vivamexico

  • Posted on by Brandon

    Man You make me wana get up and chase being a great like You arre #vivamexico

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