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For Those Who Have Fallen

Memorial Day is a celebration of our heroes. Dominick Cruz and the UFC celebrate our fallen soldiers each year and this year is no different. Dominick comes from a long line of service members who served their country with distinction.

Every year he goes to USO events for active duty soldiers in different theaters to support those who give up their freedoms for ours. His father and grandfather were both in the Navy. His grandmother and grandfather ran Memorial Day services for 30 years at East Lawn. He also lost his grandfather on Memorial Day.

As part of sticking to his military roots, Dominick does multiple events each year to support the troops. He has been part of many ceremonies including pinning Chief Petty Officer SW/AW Machinist Mate Steven Welch. He has traveled all over the world including Germany where he reconnected with former training partner Army Captain Angel Alegre who helped sharpen Dominick’s wrestling skills when Angel wrestled Arizona State University.

Each year Dominick gives back to the war fighting community with events and this year he wants to give back to you. According to the USO website “The USO strengthens Americas military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation,” This year, in honor of those who sacrificed and truly gave it all, Dominick Cruz is donating 10% of all CRUZBOLT shirt sales to the USO.org.

For those of you who have lost family and friends in service to our beloved country, we honor and salute you. Also, be on the lookout for future USO events where Dominick Cruz and Monster Energy can share combat techniques and acceptance of their hardships, discipline, and pain with a fellow fighter.

In a year where it’s been challenging to host events for the bravest among us, please give back. Share your stories with Dominick on Instagram as he embraces veterans from all over the United States. If your fallen comrades loved MMA share their stories with him. Serve again for those in heading to war, in war, and coming back by buying the Cruz Bolt shirt!



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    Salute To You Sir! What an honorable message and man.

  • Posted on by Suzette Howe

    What a great story of honor for others! Thanks for the encouragement Dominick and appreciate your heart in serving those who serve!

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