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There are myths and legends about the perfect and proper weight to cut for fighters all the way down to the ideal build and style of the man or woman stepping on the scale. For those who grew up in the sport of wrestling and combat sports finding the right weight class to compete is in itself an art.

In film and popular television there are a few films that capture the essence of what it means to cut weight and train your body to test one’s self against their greatest challenge, themselves. It’s often times not even the other competitors that the fighters fear it’s the ounces and pounds that used to serve as the first fight you win.

Now, with time and knowledge Mixed Martial artists work with dieticians and coaching staff to regulate training periods with foods to gradually reduce the weight and peak at the time of the bout. However, in some cases that is not always true. Discipline and a curriculum are important when starting a fight camp, but the undisciplined sometimes miss weight forcing the commission or the event organizers to place a penalty on the fighter or cancel the bout altogether.

Missing weight as a professional competitor is taboo in the sport and will certainly call into question your credibility and there is the possibility to face open scrutiny. It is few and far between that this happens, but when it does the fight fans and athletes are met with disappointment as to what could have been fight of the decade at proper weight.

Dominick Cruz is as professional as they come in the sport and has not missed weight unlike his UFC 249 competitor Henry Cejudo. It has been attributed to Dominick that his intellectual fortitude and confidence in his abilities make him the fiercest and scariest man in the weight class. As elusive as his style is in the cage his verbal sparring is beyond Henry’s capability to out wit him.

So, despite the adversity of coming back from being out of competition for three years he will make weight and win the first fight of the event. Then he will display that there is no ring rust or concern that age is a factor.


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    Always the graceful and greatful professional. I wish you all the best and I will be watching and cheering you on from Maine!

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    #truth Dedication to this sport of MMA includes making weight! WOW, just WOW!!

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