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DREAM. DECLARE. DELIVER! Before my feet hit the floor every morning, I recite these words to myself. Dream, declare and deliver. I set my vision for the day, make a declaration to work towards that vision, and act upon that declaration to deliver through the process of transformation. It has become my strategy to creating a vision, and following through until I complete each task with 100% effort and focus. 

This has helped to develop my long range vision - my vision for the future - and broad goals. This ranges from being a professional athlete, a UFC commentator/analyst, to hosting Unlocking Victory on ESPN, and business objectives for the present and future. 

Vision allows you to take control of your life, reprogram your mind, and have the courage to build yourself and your world. My vision for myself and the world has permitted me to achieve an extraordinary professional and personal life. True servant-based leadership and a global citizen. 

You get to live and breathe your vision. You get to create your objective into existence, and be 100% committed to achieving each aim and target. What are your dreams? What are you declaring today, and how much are you working on delivering your vision to the world?


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Posted on by Suzette

    Declaring my writing to be productive and effective going forward to reach 1000s!

  • Posted on by Jay Johnston

    This is motivating!

  • Posted on by William Back

    Love this, you’ve got a whole army of fans behind you Dominick, hope this fight with you and cejudo comes to fruition.

  • Posted on by PJ

    Motivational and hard working. Thank you for sharing your vision and transformational work!

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