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Angela “Overkill” Hill and her husband Adam are a staple at Alliance MMA in Chula Vista, California. They train at the pro-practice and at home for hours. As someone who watches a lot of fights and trains every day there are very few in the gym who work just as hard. Angela is one of the most active fighters in the UFC period, she is on the hunt constantly and only recently took a controversial loss against Claudia Gadelha a few months ago. 

Her dedication in the room is paying off, her skill advancing every time she graces the octagon. With Adam perpetually encouraging Angela to reach new heights in her discipline and Muay Thai training, she has to attribute her advances to all of her coaching staff including Orlando Jimenez, Eric Uresk, and head coach Eric Del Fierro. Her training partners include Bellator Flyweight Champion Ilima-lei Mcfarlane, Lauren Mueller and Wilson Reis along with Combate Americas fighters Paulina Granados and Tina Pettigrew and Alberto Trujillo.

Her pace in the Octagon mirrors her pace actively seeking fights. Transitioning from Invicta Angela is the first Female African American UFC fighter and plans to be the first to wear the UFC Championship Belt. As many other fighters have stated Angela belongs in the top 10, and with a fighting spirit to match any competitor she plans on making statements soon in the division. As we gear up to transition into the later part of 2020, with the fight game ramping back up to full schedule we will see Angela, I am sure, a few more times.

Recently, outside of her podcast show, she helped me on Unlocking Victory! She definitely has a future as an analyst, her fight IQ is very high and her ability to understand how fighters compete will translate well into analyzing future fights. As it stands there is without a doubt a bright future for Angela at Alliance MMA and in the UFC. She is destined to chase gold and she doesn’t care how many bodies she needs to stack until she gets to the top of the heap. When she gets to the top, there is little doubt she will allow it to be taken lightly, if ever. She may have to be buried with the strap clutching her fighters with a grin welcoming the Grim Reaper as the next in her #Bitchhuntingseason.

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    cool blog!! She’s a killer♡

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