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Tucson, Arizona is a hostile an environment the builds some of the toughest animals on the planet Scorpions, Rattlesnakes, and Dominick Cruz. Growing up in the desert and competing in sports from a young age Dominick developed a never quit work ethic and keen discipline that he applied to his training. Originally going out for soccer the wrestling coach found an energetic young man hell bent on being the best at what he wanted to do.

As high school wrestling ended, he turned his sights on the west coast and mixed martial arts. It was then he decided to move to San Diego, California and start training under the tutelage of legendary coach Eric Del Fierro at Alliance MMA. The two instantly collaborated on and developed their fight IQ.

Together they forged their campaign to bring home championships and talent from across the globe to come train and build their professional fight team. Dominick then built his legacy beating his most revered rivals to the north in team Alpha Male. It was as if his sole mission in the sport of MMA was to defeat nearly every member of the team to challenge him. His bouts against future hall of famer Uriah Faber established his dominance as the bantamweight king.

From the same desert rises another to try and dethrone his legacy. At UFC 249 two scorpions from the desert will be locked in the cage to signal to the world what Dominick has been saying to friends and fight fans alike:

“I am Tucson born San Diego made,” a clash of hard fury like the angry Arizona temperatures and the smooth waves crashing on California’s shores he is a ready to quiet the naysayers and the doubters again.

A surprising level of support coming from former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw said in an interview:
“I think Dominick is going to out point him, you can’t train for someone that has an awkward style like he has.”

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    Are you sure that My Champ said that? 🤔I believe it’s San Diego born and Tucson made?!?! Perhaps ….. San Diego reborn ?!?! go figure, what do I know..🙃 💭

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