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Hey fight fans, fight week is here! Please, make sure you tune into the fight on May 9th! I am excited to be fighting for the Championship to mark my 3rd time being crowned UFC champion, but I need everyone’s support. The best way you can support me is tuning into the big fight and stay safe. This card will be legendary and go down as Dana White’s biggest achievement in the sport, keeping it alive and well during this international pandemic. The fighters have stayed healthy and kept training for you, so keep safe and healthy for us!

We know you all want to be there, but cannot, so the best way you can help each fighter as we enter fight week is by following us on Social media and keeping up with us all the way up to the octagon. We have merchandise like my merch (insert link here) and opportunities for you to get involved with the promotion of this epic fight card. Fighters feed off your energy. So, as we go into the tunnels alone with no fight fans excitedly waiting for us to step into the cage, we will be thinking of you. The houses and few establishments that can tune in will be packed to the brim and the energy will help us as we put it on the line for you!

Go to our websites, visit our sponsors web pages, and grab the gear to rock come fight day. Fighters and coaches do not say it enough, but we would not be where we are without you guys. Stay safe by being responsible when enjoying the fights. Take the keys of your best friends if you plan on drinking, use uber to get home if you can go out. Respect each other as individuals and refrain from putting others in danger by not planning.

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    Best of luck Dom. Beat that CCC ass and shut him up for us all.

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