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“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” Lao Tzu
The body loves movement, it craves fluid motion. Dominick Cruz’s footwork is something to behold in the prize ring, but for the first time ever he provides athletes and fans from different backgrounds to learn his footwork warm up. Thousands of fans have signed up already to watch the more advanced movements in his new series. Videos are rolling in from around the web of people showing how to flow like Cruz.

“Regardless of the sport you play, this warm-up can get your legs warm and help form economy of movement.” Cruz said regarding his free warm up published earlier this week. Fans and friends alike have taken to Instagram and other social media platforms to put the lessons on display. With preparation coming towards a culmination for his UFC Bantamweight Championship fight on May 9th against Henry Cejudo he is creating a energy. The fans from around the world are moving, in a time where movement for so many is restricted, he is encouraging others to develop their muscle memory in quarantine.

Training hasn’t stopped for the Bantamweight King during his time away from the octagon, to stay sharp he moves in harmony with beat of war drums announcing his return to put his infectious style on display again for the title.
“Remember that you can take a serious injury and return to claim what’s yours. In all things develop focus and intent with each move. You can build economy of motion as I do with this very basic footwork drill. After a while you can apply this to other facets of your life like making your bed, cleaning your house, cooking food, and of course training,” Cruz said

Come join the Dominator’s army and learn to flow like Cruz by clicking the link below and signing up for more advanced movements on:



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    Love to see one of the personal favourites back again

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    Just simply truth that is encouraging the WORLD!

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    Love this

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    Great article Dom and I love that you’ve got your website built on Wordpress, very cool!

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