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"Feints, Combinations and Counter-Attacks!"

As part of my ongoing MMA series, the next portion will be released tomorrow, 8/24/20 at 12pm PST. We are drilling feints and applying the footwork series into the movement. As I explained before we are building and adding more to your training. Please enjoy the series and bring everyone in on this training with you. If you have mats in the garage or a private gym this is a great way to stay sharp and train. With the pandemic still looming we are doing what we can to stay safe, sane, and motivated to crush our goals, add this to your tool kit.

2020 has never looked so good. If you have been training, following my series, and encouraging your training partners to keep you accountable to the training then you will be a dangerous person come the new year. Even if you aren’t looking for a fight, sometimes and somedays the fight comes to you. A little bit of training goes a long way and if you plan on keeping yourself and maybe your family safe, watch this series. Apply the lessons and get you and the kids involved! There isn’t good reason to come out of quarantine in good shape or even in fighting trim.

You work, I work, we all workday in and day out, but the habits we forge when it’s literally the last thing on earth we want to be doing then that is what is going to make you great. Sometimes we face larger, more intimidating people and these particular skills may save your life. A good feint or tricking your opponent to react a certain way may put them off balance and allow you and others to safely move away or enact a decisive blow that stops them cold in their tracks.

Applying what you have already learned from my footwork drills and incorporating feints can dramatically up your fight game. Fighters that take damage after being taken down may react to being taken down again, so feinting a shot or looking like you are going to step in after establishing earlier damage may get your opponent to over compensate and compromise their position. We have every opportunity to make this the best series and elevate your game to a very high level, so stay tuned and keep watching!

Please post your videos and tag me! #FeintLikeCruz


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