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Bruce Lee never entered the Octagon. It’s okay to speculate who would have beaten who in combat during his prime, but the popular culture has already labeled him the G.O.A.T or greatest of all time. It is an exercise of the mind to try to think which modern warrior would have fared the best against him.

He would have fought at flyweight or Bantamweight. He would have had the movement of Dominick Cruz, the power and discipline of Demetrius Johnson, and the warriors heart of Henry Cejudo. The future of the bantamweight division is in flux with Henry walking through the retirement door.

As it stands the division is looking to have all out war to the top of the heap. Everyone of the top 10 stand a chance to claim the division for themselves. It may be time for the UFC to have a tournament to see who takes on the mantle. We will see the return of the dragon in Dominick Cruz. The fights are there, the division needs to see action and blood on the canvas. The fists of fury will fly and like feudal lords they will stake claims that will go down in UFC history.

It is a game of death every time Dominick steps into the octagon, the big boss Dana White is very clear about what he wants. He wants finishes, he wants fight fans to get excited about the division and quite frankly there hasn’t been bad blood like the Faber versus Cruz rivalry.

So, a tournament with the baddest men in the division could be what wakes up the world post coronavirus. This could be the real warrior journey played out between the best in world.

Is there a place in the future for this scrap? Are we going to see the revitalization of the mixed martial arts community on the backs of the bantamweight division? What we can expect to see is a very focused Dominick Cruz ready to fight and beat the crap out of anyone in his way.


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    Brilliant post. And an idea so bright—a tournament to kaleidescope the division—that it should be required reading by anyone with the fight-game power to make it so.

  • Posted on by Jeff Hislop

    I’m still pissed with your last fight but always impressed with your inner strength and resolve

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