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Can you go into the Fall Semester without new duds? Heck no! Why not sport the new Cruz Control tank tops set to release TODAY! We have plenty of sunshine left for you to sport the new line in the shop for Cruz Control. If you haven’t caught us in action on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram then you are missing out!

Cruz Control is a day in the life snapshot of what is happening with my fight team, Dojo, and I. From grabbing food out at my favorite restaurants, training, and cruising around San Diego and other places I visit for the UFC you can catch me on the go. Please tune in and catch the latest from San Diego. Whether I am at home, at the gym, rehabbing, or eating at one of my favorite spots Cloak and Pedal you will see me on the go and sporting the new merch!

You heard it here first, so when you see it online make sure you snag them quickly. If you catch me out in town add your video to Instagram or send it to me so we can add it to Cruz Control! One great way to stay interactive with me is share, like, subscribe, and tag me in your pictures and videos. I still repost some of the sick videos that fans have put together for me over the years.

After you buy, post your pictures and video of you sporting the merch! I promise I will do my due diligence to repost as many as I can! The fall holidays are around the corner so please be on the lookout for winter ware as well. Like me, the momentum doesn’t stop moving forward and neither should you. Wear the gear on workouts, out to dinner, and with family and friends. I want to feel the part of your team like you are part of mine, remember to tag me while you are out and about.



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