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Spoiled, well-fed, playful, and cozy, Dojo views Dominick as his best friend. Since 2013, Dominick has carried, packed, played-with, stowed, taught, and snuggled with favorite travel buddy all over the United States. If you are in San Diego, you may see two tongues wagging in the breeze as they cruise down to Alliance MMA gym where both train to become the best version of themselves for each other and fans alike. As much as Dominick is stopped for photos by passersby Dojo has his own fan following and embraces the love that comes with notoriety. As a member of Alliance Dojo’s responsibilities include entertaining guests and athletes alike.

            A warm welcome from Dominick’s smiling face and Dojo’s Malte pooh mug greet you as you prepare your workout, jujitsu roll, or first MMA practice. Diligently standing watch among the athlete's Dojo waits for breaks in the action to find those in need of comfort after the battle. Like a renewing energy spirit, the warriors go back into the fray with renewed vigor and Dojo retreats to his place cage side.


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